For this edition of KidsStreet Urgent Care Spotlight, we sat down with our Nurse Practioner, Alisa Johnson! 

Alisa is from Ogden, UT. She moved to Mobile in 2008.  She joined our KidsStreet family in November of 2017.  Alisa has been married to Justin Johnston for 6 years. They have two children Rian and Wyatt. Alisa received her RN in 2008 and ger MSN in 2017.

What’s your favorite memory so far working at KidsStreet?

“My favorite memory so far while I’ve been at KidsStreet was my first day. I was excited and terrified at the same time.” 

 What is your hope for the future of KidsStreet Urgent Care?

 “My hope for KidsStreet is to continue to be a successful entity within the community and continue to be a part of serving our community. ”

What is your biggest accomplishment professionally this far?

“I do not know that I have had a single biggest accomplishment, I have had several smaller ones I am proud of.”

Stay tuned for future instalments of Family Spotlight as we get to know our family members who take such great care of your family members!