Dr. Wags wants to visit you!



About Dr Wags

He is our favorite canine companion and our company mascot! Dr. Richard Wags was born in Dogtown, Alabama. Richard Wags was a young, enthusiastic pup with a talent for making kids smile! With a litter of brothers and sisters, Wags grew up watching his parents work hard to provide for their family, dodging many a car to bring home the bacon, the dog food, or whatever yummy scraps they could find!

Dr. Wags completed undergraduate degrees at both The University of Alabama and Auburn University. After supporting himself to achieve his dream of being the first dog to graduate from medical school, He dedicated himself to helping others in smaller towns similar to where he came from. Our loveable mascot wants to ensure no one is without convenient, friendly and fast healthcare ever again!

He always stays busy helping patients feel better, fast but he does even more! If you see him at your local charity event, 5k run, school field day, sporting events, or even reading to kids at the library don’t forget to say hello! Dr. Wags will come out to schools and talk to kids about staying healthy too!


 Want a visit from Dr Wags?

Do you want Dr. Wags to come visit you? Here are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Message us on Facebook or contact us here on our website!
  2. Please have a dedicated space for Dr. Wags to have some privacy.
  3. Dr. Wags cannot be out in the heat for more than 30 minutes without a water break.
  4. We do require a 2-4 weeks notice of certain events to guarantee Dr. Wags will be able to attend.
  5. Be sure to tag us on facebook with any photos from your event!

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This office is so nice and effective. The online system is a lifesaver and the time frame is very accurate. The nurses are amazing with my kid, and the doctor was the BEST.

We had a great experience! The staff is kind and accommodating! They offered us free drinks and a blanket for my sick daughter. We will be using this urgent care in the future!

Doctor and staff were absolutely amazing! They took awesome care of my daughter. Actually, they went over and beyond for her care.

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