About Us

Pediatric Care, Open Late

When it’s bedtime and your kid’s fever won’t stay down (nor any of their dinner), it’s time for KidsStreet!

When your little one gets injured playing on the weekend, it’s time for KidsStreet!

When you just KNOW something’s wrong, and your pediatrician is closed, it’s time for KidsStreet!

KidsStreet Urgent Care is Alabama’s first urgent care dedicated to KIDS! We’re open late, 7 days a week with a pediatrician or pediatric-supervised nurse practitioner available to care for all the sniffles, bumps and bruises. We can handle all of life’s little emergencies without making a trip to the ER or spending hours on the phone with a nurse’s hotline. Most of our patients are in and out within an hour, and there’s no referral necessary*! We accept all major insurances from BCBS, United, Viva, and Medicaid!

So, when your kid isn’t feeling 100% and you need answers, it’s time for KidsStreet!



We love kids. Moms love us.


Our values are summarized by three simple concepts:

  • Heal and Feel – We treat both the illness/injury (HEAL) and the symptomatic problems to help you feel better fast (FEEL). We help our Customers feel better as soon as possible.
  • WOW – We have a positive influence on all who we come in contact with. We are all in, all the time, every time. We go the extra mile. AND THEN SOME.
  • We Are Family – We treat each other and YOU like family. We treat Customers with compassion, respect, and love.




*excluding Medicaid patients