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Please note: Capital Health Plan is not willing to cover KidsStreet Urgent Care at this time, and please contact their member services at 850-383-3311 to encourage them to cover our visits.

KidsStreet Urgent Care for kids in Tallahassee is now open!

Our pediatric urgent care clinic is designed specifically with kids in mind. From juice boxes and healthy snacks to kid movies, we want to ensure you are comfortable as you wait.

Our pediatric urgent care team is committed to helping kids get the care they need to heal better and feel better, FAST. KidsStreet Urgent Care is open late, 7 days a week.

KidsStreet Urgent Care is here for all of life’s little emergencies. We care for newborns to 16-year-olds 7 days a week.

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Our mission is the same as yours – to help your kids heal and feel better, FAST! 

Note: If this is a life-threatening pediatric emergency, please call 911.

Why KidsStreet Urgent Care for Children in Tallahassee?

KidsStreet Urgent Care typically has shorter wait times and lower copays than emergency room visits. We accept most major insurance plans and Medicaid!

Our team of trained professionals is focused on making sure your child has a comfortable and easy visit. From the ordinary cold and sports physicals to COVID-19 testing, our team is here to help your child heal better and feel better, FAST.

Why Build Urgent Care for Children?

The parent company of KidsStreet Urgent Care is MainStreet Family Care, a network of family urgent care clinics throughout the Southeast. Through offering care for families, we saw the need for medical care that solely focused on kids. We created KidsStreet Urgent Care so regardless of age, we could offer high-quality medical care to everyone.

 We love kids. Moms love us.


Where Can I Find KidsStreet Tallahassee, Florida? 

KidsStreet Urgent Care is located across from Krispy Kreme on Highway 27 in Tallahassee, Florida.


2615 N Monroe Street, Tallahassee Florida, 32303

Learn About MainStreet Family Care (Our Parent Company)

Did you know that we also offer medical services for everyone 16 and older at MainStreet Family Care? From primary care to urgent care, we are open late 7 days a week to help your family heal better and feel better, FAST.

We also offer occupational health at MainStreet. Learn how MainStreet can help your employees heal better and feel better fast.


Located across from Krispy Kreme on Hwy 27 in Tallahassee

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Located across from Krispy Kreme on Hwy 27 in Tallahassee