Pediatric Urgent Care in Mobile, AL is NOW OPEN!


KidsStreet Urgent Care is the first pediatric urgent care in Mobile, AL. MainStreet Family Urgent Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care in Mobile is located in front of Winn Dixie on Grelot Road. Our team at KidsStreet will see all children ranging from newborn to 16 years old. Just next door, our MainStreet clinic will see patients ages 16 and up. Our KidsStreet clinic caters to kids with a friendly atmosphere and a pediatrician always available. MainStreet just next door can treat mom and dad when that virus goes around the whole family!

Who are We?

Our walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week, which allows you to get care after hours and at a time when it is convenient. We are a part of a small network of urgent care clinics caring for residents across Alabama. Our compassionate medical staff and team of providers deliver family health care services, which includes treatment of injuries, illnesses and non-life-threatening emergencies for adults and children. When it comes to you and your family’s healthcare needs, you should not settle for anything less than MainStreet Family Urgent Care.

You will experience shorter wait times and you can expect lower co-pays than you would at the traditional Emergency Room. Our walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week and we offer extended and weekend hours to fit your busy schedule. We are open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends.

Did you know that MainStreet Family Urgent Care also offers services for your employees too? We offer occupational health services from drug screens, specialty chemical testing, physicals, vaccines and more to help your employees stay safe and well. If your employees are getting injured on the job, don’t waste money at the emergency room. Learn how MainStreet Family Urgent Care can help get your employees back to work quicker, with less hassle for you! Contact your local Community Educator for more information on our occupational health services.


*Medicaid Patients

We are proud to accept Medicaid patients, however, Medicaid requires a referral from your assigned primary care physician to be evaluated. We must obtain a written approval from your primary care doctor or Medicaid WILL NOT cover your visit, and you will be billed at our Self-Pay rate of $125.00. While we strive to partner with local physicians to ensure these referrals happen seamlessly, it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain a referral. After business hours, we will submit a referral request for you.  Please understand that our request for a referral after hours is not a guarantee of coverage or payment.  It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up during the next business day to ensure the referral has been sent.

Unfortunately, at this time there are a few Medicaid Providers in Mobile area that will not provide the necessary referrals to our urgent care.  They are as follows:

  • Mobile Pediatric Clinic (Dr. Katherine Savells, Dr. Norma Mobley, Dr. Sonia Grevenitis, LaTanya Bryant CRNP, Dr. Scott Clements)
  • Pediatric Partners of Mobile (Dr. Dwight Yoder)
  • Gulf Coast Pediatrics (Dr. Michelle K. Naman, Elizabeth Rimmer CRNP)
  • USA Physician Pediatrics (Dr. Daniel Preud’homme, Natalie Fox CRNP, Jacqueline Gonner CRNP, Melissa Huff CRNP, Ashley Marass CRNP, Dr. Kari Bradham, Dr. Jennifer Cole, Dr. Ladonna Crews, Dr. Paola Maurtue-Neumann, Dr. Katrine Roberson-Trammell, Dr. Cindy Sheets, Dr. Curtis Turner)


Located in front of Winn-Dixie on Grelot Road

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Located in front of Winn-Dixie on Grelot Road