Coronavirus Testing

See if You are Currently Infected

Information on this page is subject to change. Please check back here regularly for up-to-date information on your local KidsStreet Urgent Care or MainStreet Family Care clinic. We are currently waiving copays for all patients in need of COVID-19 testing.

Does MainStreet offer testing for COVID-19?

MainStreet Family Care is now testing at all 16 of our clinics throughout the state. We are still open 7 days a week to address any issues and symptoms you are experiencing. You may walk in at any time to be evaluated for Coronavirus testing. We offer two types of Coronavirus tests: One test that will tell you if you HAVE COVID-19 (viral test) and one test that will tell you if you HAD COVID-19 (antibody blood test).  This page is about the test to see if you HAVE COVID.

For more information on the test to see if you HAD COVID-19 click here.

What else do I need to know to prepare for my visit?

  • Copays are waived for patients in need of COVID-19 testing.
  • If you come to the clinic for a test, please be sure the front desk gives you a face mask immediately. Please put on the facemask as soon as it is handed to you. Wearing a facemask is the best way to limit any potential transmission.
  • We will test you for other types of infection first, then we will test for Coronavirus (COVID-19) if you are a candidate.
  • It generally takes 3 days to get a result back.
  • In order to process the test and provide you with results, you will also be required to set up an online patient portal account with us. 
If you are in need of testing, there is no appointment needed. Simply walk in any of our KidsStreet or MainStreet clinics to be evaluated.

Thank you and stay safe!