Online Registration FAQs

How can I register to be seen at KidsStreet Urgent Care? 

At KidsStreet Urgent Care, we accept online registration and walk-ins. We encourage parents to register their little ones online to reduce in-clinic wait times. Online registration allows you and your little one to do most of your waiting from the convenience of your home. 

Please note that if you and your child walk into the clinic, you will have to fill out the same registration form and be put into the same queue, which includes people who might be waiting from home. 

What are your hours? 

KidsStreet Urgent Care is open late, 7 days a week. Our clinic hours are listed below. 

Monday – Friday: 8 am to 8 pm 

Saturday – Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm

When does online registration open each day? 

Registration opens every day 30 minutes before the clinic opens

Note: That during the flu season, the daily queue can fill up very quickly! Feel free to check back throughout the day to see if a spot opens up. 

Can I make an appointment for urgent care?

No, we do not offer appointments for urgent care. Registering online gives you an estimated wait time. Then you will receive a text with a 30-minute notice when it is time for you and your child to head to the clinic.

Once you arrive at the clinic, you will still have to wait until our staff prepares to see you. However, by registering online, you can do most of the waiting from the convenience of your home. 

I registered online. Now what?

Once you have successfully registered online, you will see an estimated wait time on your screen. Note, this wait time is calculated. Sometimes things happen that affect the estimated wait time. However, when it is time for you and your little one to head to the clinic, you will receive a text message. Check-in with the front desk to let them know you and your child are there.

What should I expect when I arrive at the clinic? 

Once you arrive at the clinic, you will check your child in at the front desk. You and your child will have to wait in the waiting room until the nurses and providers are ready. Our waiting room is designed to be kid-friendly for you and your little ones to make the wait as comfortable as possible. This gives our staff time to finish any necessary paperwork before your room becomes available. Registering online allows you to get into the queue and do most of your waiting from home!

How long is the wait? 

The wait depends on how many patients have registered before you. Because everyone registers online, we can give you an estimated wait time. We recommended signing your child up when the queue opens up first thing in the morning.

The wait time can be highly impacted by the season. For example, flu season can drastically increase wait times.

The waiting room is empty. Why do I still have a long wait time?

A lot of parents register their little ones online from home. Therefore, when you walk into the clinic to register and the waiting room is empty, there are still people in line ahead of your child in the queue. These patients will still be seen before your child since they registered earlier. 

I was waiting in the waiting room, and someone else walked in and was seen before me; why?

We use an online registration system that allows parents to register their little ones and wait from their homes. They receive a text message with instructions to head to the clinic. Therefore, they will walk in and be seen before you because they have been in the queue (and therefore waiting from their home) longer. 

There is a message saying the clinic is closed, but it is during your business hours?

Online registration can close during the busy seasons at KidsStreet Urgent Care once a certain number of kids have registered for the day. While our goal is to help as many kids as possible, it is necessary to close registration to give our KidsStreet kids the best experience and not to overwhelm them along with our staff.

If you see a screen saying that registration is closed, that does not necessarily mean for the whole day. As kids are seen, and numbers begin to decrease, registration can open back up. Therefore, you can check throughout the day to see if registration opens back up.


This office is so nice and effective. The online system is a lifesaver and the time frame is very accurate. The nurses are amazing with my kid, and the doctor was the BEST.

We had a great experience! The staff is kind and accommodating! They offered us free drinks and a blanket for my sick daughter. We will be using this urgent care in the future!

Doctor and staff were absolutely amazing! They took awesome care of my daughter. Actually, they went over and beyond for her care.

What Are The Symptoms?


The symptoms of respiratory infection can vary based on type, but tend to include: 


  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Trouble breathing
  • Drainage
  • Congestion 
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Red eyes
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Types Of Upper Respiratory Infections


Many URI’s are typically known as seasonal illnesses, which affect people during certain parts of the year. However, your child can contract a URI at any time especially if they have a weak immune system. 

The Cleveland Clinic considers these to be the most common upper respiratory illnesses: 


  • Sinusitis (sinus infection) 
  • Laryngitis
  • Common cold or cold viruses 
  • Pharyngitis (sore throat) 
  • Epiglottitis 
  • RSV (can affect lower respiratory tract as well)

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