Treating Ear Infections in Children

Little girl with ear infection - treating ear infections in children

Treating ear infections in children is common at urgent care clinics for kids. KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to tell you about ear infection treatment options.  Home Remedies  Ear infections in kids are widespread, and many at-home remedies can help alleviate ear infection symptoms. Some of the best at-home remedies include:  Holding a warm rag… Read more »

What Can Pediatric Urgent Care Providers Treat?

Little boy being treated at a pediatric urgent care

What can pediatric urgent care providers treat? KidsStreet Urgent Care for children has the answers! Keep reading to learn more.  Treatments Offered By Pediatric Urgent Care Clinics Similar to lengthy service offerings, children’s urgent care offers many treatments for all kinds of illnesses and conditions. Furthermore, clinics often have common medications in-house, saving you a… Read more »

What Services Do Pediatric Urgent Care Clinics Offer?

little girl at pediatric urgent care clinic

What services do pediatric urgent care clinics offer? KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to help!  Services for General Illnesses Most children’s urgent care clinics offer testing and treatment for these general illnesses:  Cold and Flu Fevers COVID-19 RSV Sore Throat and Strep Throat Skin rashes Allergies, Allergic Reactions, and Asthma Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea Migraines… Read more »

3 New Year’s Safety Tips

New Year's Safety Tips - adults roasting marshmellow roasting

Check out these 3 New Year’s safety tips to help keep your family safe this holiday season.  New Year’s Safety Tip #1: Make A Plan New Year’s is a popular holiday for car theft. Locking your car and windows will reduce car theft. Better planning will make your new year’s eve plans less stressful. If… Read more »