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Holiday Health Tips and Tricks To Keep In Mind This Year

by | Nov 17, 2022

With the holiday season approaching, there is nothing more you would want to do but keep your little ones well so they can enjoy all of the festivities! 

Here are some holiday health tips and tricks to keep your little ones well this holiday season!

General Healthy Practices To Keep In Mind!

The holidays are the perfect time to teach your kids a few wellness practices, so you can keep them well and allow them to enjoy the fun of the holidays!

Below are a few wellness practices to help:

  • Wash your hands and keep up with good hygiene practices
  • Avoid eating and drinking after others
  • Cough or sneeze away from others
  • Stay at home or away from family or friends if sick

Another practice to keep in mind if your child has a food allergy, alert them to be cautious and ask about what is in each item at any gatherings. Avoiding those foods can keep your child safe!

Boost Your Kids’ Immunity

Before entering the holiday season, you can expect the holidays to involve lots of socializing. With more group gatherings comes an increased likelihood of exchanging germs such as colds and flu. 

These tips can help boost your kids’ immune systems: 

  • Try keeping them up to date with current vaccines (including COVID and the flu vaccines)
  • Encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables as a good source of nutrients
  • Allow them also to get the appropriate amount of sleep. 8-9 hours of sleep is proven to help boost their moods and immunity! 

Turn To KidsStreet For Life’s Little Emergencies!

KidsStreet is open during the holiday season with extended hours! We offer pediatric-specific urgent care services to your little ones. From falling and getting an invasive cut or a high fever, turn to us this holiday season! 

Register online to have reduced clinic wait times or walk into any of our clinics. We accept most-not all major insurance plans along with Medicaid.

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