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How is Asthma in Children Tested and Treated?

by | Jun 6, 2023

Asthma in children is extremely common, and there are several ways to test and treat it. KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to educate you on the testing and treatment options for this condition. 

Symptoms of Asthma In Children 

Asthma in kids is an extremely common condition, affecting over a million children each year. There are a few telltale signs that your child may have asthma. Common symptoms of asthma in kids include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tight chest
  • Wheezing or whistling sound when breathing
  • Quick breathing
  • Persistent cough, especially when lying down
  • Colds that settle in the chest
  • Inability to take a deep breath

If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms frequently, it may be time to get them tested. 

Need help testing and treating asthma? KidsStreet Urgent Care can help! We offer asthma testing and treatment at our pediatric urgent care for children

Causes Of Asthma In Kids

Although there is no known direct cause of asthma, there are risk factors that can contribute to your child developing asthma. 

The biggest risk factor for your child developing this condition is if someone in their family has it, as asthma is hereditary. If you are or know someone else in your family with asthma, let their pediatric provider know. 

Other leading risk factors of asthma development include: 

  • Frequent exposure to tobacco smoke, especially while in the womb
  • Living in an area with high air pollution
  • Previous allergic reactions
  • Frequent exposure to dust mites and mold
  • If they have a respiratory infection more than once a year

Allergies can also cause asthmatic symptoms. 

Diagnosing Asthma In Kids

To diagnose asthma in kids, the pediatric provider will first go over the child’s medical history and complete a physical exam. This will be a good time for you to mention if asthma runs in your family. 

Next, the provider will complete a series of lung function tests. These may consist of spirometry tests or a FeNo test, which measures the amount of air moving through your child’s lungs and also gives insight to lung health. Thes test measurements will be one of the best indicators for an asthma diagnosis. 

If your child is too young to complete a lung function test, the provider may choose to do a chest x-ray. Additionally, for asthma caused by allergic reactions, they may also complete skin or blood allergy tests. 

Treating Asthma In Children 

Asthma is a chronic condition, meaning that there is no cure for it currently. However, there are several ways to treat the symptoms and prevent asthma attacks. Common treatment methods include: 

  • Quick-relief medications such as inhalers 
  • Asthma medications that reduce the risks of asthma attacks

Prevention Methods

Preventing asthma symptoms is one of the best ways for your child to feel relief from their asthma. Some of the best ways to reduce and prevent symptoms include: 

  • Keep your child inside when the pollen count is high
  • Ensure your home is rid of dust mites and mold
  • Vacuum frequently
  • Run air purifiers throughout your home

Additionally, create an asthma action plan for your child. This plan consists of triggers for your child’s asthma symptoms, as well as medications they take. 

Turn To KidsStreet Urgent Care

Don’t treat your child’s asthma alone – turn to KidsStreet Urgent Care! We want to help your child heal and feel better, FAST!

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