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How Much Ibuprofen Can I Give My Kid and How Often?

by | Jul 20, 2023

Ibuprofen dosage in children depends on their age and weight. KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to educate you on the correct dosage and frequency that you can give your child ibuprofen. 

When Should I Give My Child Ibuprofen? 

If your child is experiencing a fever and pain, ibuprofen can help with their symptoms. Do not give ibuprofen to your child if they are under six months of age. 

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How Much Ibuprofen Can I Give My Kid? 

Ibuprofen dosing is dependent upon the child’s age and weight, as well as the type of ibuprofen you are administering.  Each dosage is based on milliliters (mL) and milligrams (mg) 

Infants’ Liquid Ibuprofen

Infants’ liquid ibuprofen is recommended for children six months to twenty-three months old. The dosage of this medication is 1.25mg per 5mL (1.25mg/5mL). The correct dosage includes: 

  • Children 6 months-11 months old, 12-17 lbs: 1.25mL (50mg) 
  • Children 12 months-23 months old, 18-23 lbs: 1.875mL (75 mg) 

Infant drops should always be administered with the proper utensil, whether it be a measuring spoon or oral syringe. 

Children’s Liquid 

Children over 2 years of age to 11 years of age can take children’s liquid version. This medication is 100mg per 5mL (100mg/5mL). The correct dose is as follows: 

  • Children 2-3 years old, 24-35 lbs: 5mL (100mg)
  • Children 4-5 years old, 36-47 lbs: 7.5mL (150mg)
  • Children 6-8 years old, 48-59 lbs: 10mL (200mg)
  • Children 9-10 years old, 60-71 lbs: 12.5mL (250mg)
  • Children 11 years old, 72-95 lbs: 15mL (300mg)

Always use the provided dosing device to administer these medications to children. 

Children’s Chewable Tablets

Similar to Children’s Liquid Ibuprofen, children 2 years to 11 years old can take chewable tablets. Proper dosage according to child weight and age is as follows: 

  • Children 2-3 years old, 24-35 lbs: 1 tablet (100mg)
  • Children 4-5 years old, 36-47 lbs: 1.5 tablets (150mg)
  • Children 6-8 years old, 48-59 lbs: 2 tablets (200mg)
  • Children 9-10 years old, 60-71 lbs: 2.5 tablets (250mg)
  • Children 11 years old, 72-95 lbs: 3 tablets (300mg)

Make sure the child fully chews the tablet for the best results. If they need to, they can drink some water after chewing to ensure they got they swallowed the entire tablet, 

How Often Can I Give My Kid Ibuprofen? 

For all of the previously mentioned forms of ibuprofen, only administer the medication 3 times within a 24-hour period. Do not exceed 400mg at one time. 

Other Accepted Brands For Children’s Ibuprofen

There are several other brands that are safe for children’s consumption. These brands include: 

  • Children Motrin 
  • Motrin 
  • Advil
  • Major Ibuprofen

Additionally, if buying a store brand, ensure the same active ingredients. 

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