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Healthy Snacks For Kids: Choosing the Right Snack

by | Apr 23, 2018

Did you know that many children only eat one snack per day? Some of the most commonly bought kid’s snacks have a very low nutritional value and aren’t healthy snacks. If you choose the right snack you can support and even boost your child’s health! Let us help you find healthy snacks for your kids!

Tips for choosing the right healthy snack

  • Use your child’s snack time to introduce healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables that your child wouldn’t normally eat at mealtime
  • When you go shopping, pick up some healthy snacks to keep at home.
  • Pay attention to what artificially flavored snacks your children like most. Once you know their preferences, you can substitute those with the appropriate fruit.
  • Introduce foods with a rainbow of colors. You can use the wide variety of color to appeal to their senses and make the snacks more appetizing.

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SOURCE: American Academy of Pediatrics

Need more tips? Our Urgent Care for children is geared towards helping you succeed when it comes to your kid’s health. Check out our blog for more great advice!

At KidsStreet Urgent Care, we want you to have every tool in your toolkit to keep your child healthy. We work with pediatricians to ensure that you’re given the best advice when it comes to your child’s health.


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