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KidsStreet Urgent Care: Our Values

by | Aug 7, 2023

KidsStreet Urgent Care is in the constant pursuit of making our patients heal and feel better, fast! We value three main principles: Heal and Feel, WOW, and We Are Family. 

Heal and Feel

At KidsStreet Urgent Care, we emphasize two concepts: Heal and Feel. We are in the business of helping your little ones heal from illness and injury while also assisting them in feeling better overall. 

Kids may not feel comfortable seeing a medical provider, but at KidsStreet, we take the time to understand how your child will be most comfortably treated. Our providers strive to ease any anxiety your kids have about medical treatment and ease the pain from whatever ailment they are facing. 

With our urgent care services for kids, your children will heal and feel better quickly and comfortably. 

WOW … And Then Some. 

KidsStreet’s goal is for both our kid-focused providers and parents to look back on their experience and say, “WOW!”. We accomplish this by doing things to the best of our ability each and every time – and then some. 

At KidsStreet, we are not interested in doing the bare minimum. We strive to be the best, and then some. Whether this means taking more time with your child to make them feel comfortable or finding the best medication option for their needs, KidsStreet is here to go the extra mile for kids and parents alike. 

We Are Family

Your children should feel comforted, safe, and understood when seeing a provider. KidsStreet prioritizes these three concepts by considering us to all be family. 

At our kid-focused clinic, we ensure that we treat patients, parents, and staff as if they were family. KidsStreet emphasizes respect, compassion, love, kindness, selflessness, willingness to sacrifice, hard work, and teamwork in every interaction we have. 

Turn To KidsStreet Urgent Care

When your child is sick or injured, the last thing you want to do is worry about the quality of care they will receive from medical providers. KidsStreet Urgent Care works hard to provide compassionate care to each of our patients, regardless of what they may be facing. 

To visit our clinic, register online. You and your child will be able to wait from anywhere until we’re ready for you. 

We love walk-ins and accept them daily! However, please be aware that registering online reduces in-clinic wait times. Walk-ins are added to the same queue as those who register online. 

We Love Kids, Moms Love Us!

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