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Most Common Sports Injuries in Kids

by | Feb 23, 2023

Kids get hurt playing sports all the time, so what are the most common sports injuries in kids? KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to give you all the information on kids’ sports injuries.  

What Causes Sports Injuries?  

There are many causes of sports injuries, and not all can be prevented. KidsStreet Urgent Care can diagnose and treat each of these injuries with our pediatric urgent care services. Here are some leading causes of sports injuries in kids:  

  • Many sports injuries are a product of improper form or equipment.  
  • Not warming up properly.  
  • Overuse, hyperextension, and exhaustion. 
  • Poor communication between young athletes and coaches.  

Common Sports Injuries 

Ankle Injuries 

Due to the amount of running and jumping that kids do in all kinds of sports, ankle injuries are some of the top sports injuries. These consist of:  

  • Sprains 
  • Twists 
  • Growth plate fractures 

Elbow Injuries 

It is extremely common for children to experience elbow injuries or general elbow pain. A common term for this is little league elbow.  

Knee Injuries and ACL Tears 

Extensive running in youth sports can contribute to knee injuries and knee pain. Twists of the knee are extremely common and can be very painful.  

ACL Tears are often the result of quick knee movements or landing wrong when jumping.  

Shoulder Injuries 

Throwing balls or gymnastic movements can result in many different shoulder injuries. Dislocation is a very common injury that can occur while your child is playing a sport, and this condition is known to be very painful.  

Broken Bones 

Many sports injuries result in broken bones or fractures. These can be treated with  


A concussion is a head injury that can be extremely serious in some cases. It is not uncommon for children to get concussions when playing any number of sports. Parents should be hypervigilant that their child is wearing the proper headgear such as a helmet, as well as ensuring that their helmet fits and is worn correctly.  

How To Prevent Sports Injuries In Children 

While many sports injuries cannot be prevented, there are some best practices that you can employ to reduce the risk.  

  • Get your child a yearly physical to ensure they are healthy enough to play the sport.  
  • Make sure your child knows how to play the sport properly.  
  • Ensure your child is warming up, cooling down, and stretching before and after practices or games.  
  • Make sure your child has the right equipment for the sport.  
  • Try to let your child rest from practicing at least once a week to prevent overuse injuries.  

Turn To KidsStreet Urgent Care 

Is your child suffering from a minor sports injury? KidsStreet Urgent Care is here to help! We want to help your child heal and feel better, FAST! 

You can register online and wait from the comfort of your home or vehicle. We’ll send you a text when we’re ready for you to make your way to the clinic.  

KidsStreet Urgent Care always welcomes walk-ins, however, we recommend registering online as it reduces in-clinic wait times. Walk-ins are added to the same queue as those who register online.  

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