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3 New Year’s Safety Tips

by | Dec 29, 2022

Check out these 3 New Year’s safety tips to help keep your family safe this holiday season. 

New Year’s Safety Tip #1: Make A Plan

New Year’s is a popular holiday for car theft. Locking your car and windows will reduce car theft. Better planning will make your new year’s eve plans less stressful. If you stay away from home, try to have a plan accordingly with other.

One thing you can do is spend the night out and, if you can, stay with friends or family to avoid driving late. 

New Year’s Safety Tip #2: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

If you decide to host a New Year’s Eve party this new year, be aware of your surroundings and your guest’s behavior. Every host’s goal is to ensure everyone is having fun and staying safe.

Suggest that guests who are drinking spend the night or leave their car overnight before getting behind the wheel. You and your guest will have peace of mind and allow them to enjoy the new year safely.

New Year’s Safety Tip #3: Be Careful with Fireworks

A New Year’s celebration is not complete without fireworks! Remember, if you are shooting fireworks around children, keep an eye on them to ensure they are safe and at a safe distance when they go off.

Parents and adults, make sure you are also aware of your surroundings. Follow the safety instructions and directions when shooting fireworks! Fireworks can be hazardous if not done correctly and can cause extreme burns.

Turn To MainStreet Family Care

We wish you a warm welcome into this new year! We want to keep you and your family safe this new year.

Our clinics will be open during regular hours on New Year’s day.

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