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The Mission of KidsStreet

by | Mar 12, 2023

At KidsStreet Urgent Care, we not only strive to make a comfortable environment for kids but to serve moms: working moms, stay-at-home moms, and all moms in between. 

We understand what parenting can be like. We truly get how busy and hectic parenting can be and how helpless you may sometimes feel, especially when your kids are sick or hurt. It is your mission to make the best decisions for your kids, and it is our mission to help you do just that! 

KidsStreet Urgent Care is a place that fits into the busy lives of moms and kids alike. Our highly-trained providers specialize in the needs of children and are committed to creating a friendly environment for families of all ages and sizes. We even have extended hours for all of your late-night injuries or your early-morning fevers. 

We love kids, Moms love us. 

Why Choose KidStreet Urgent Care

At KidsStreet, we are committed to giving your family the best urgent care services when it is most convenient for you. 

Below are some benefits to choosing KidsStreet for illnesses and injuries in your children. 

Online Registration

KidsStreet Urgent Care allows you to register online before arriving at the clinic! Online registration reduces the time you’ll spend in the waiting room. You can wait at home or in your car until we are ready to see you. We’ll text you when we’re ready to see you, and you’ll finish the check-in process at the front desk. 

Extended Hours

Each of our clinics opens early in the morning, and we do not close until later in the evening. Extended hours make an urgent care visit fit better into the schedules of busy parents and kids alike.

Healthy Snacks and Juices 

Have a snack and a drink while you wait! KidsStreet Urgent Care offers free healthy snacks and juices in our kid-friendly waiting rooms. 

Get Seen Fast

We know how difficult it can be to make an appointment at a pediatrician’s office. KidsStreet Urgent Care allows your kids to be seen fast and get the quality care they deserve. Wait times vary, however, our online registration reduces the in-clinic wait times significantly. 

Register Online for Urgent Care Services for Children

From a bump on the head to a fever that won’t go down, KidsStreet Urgent Care is here for you and your kids. We want to get your child healing and feeling better, FAST! Register online to visit a clinic near you. We’ll message you when it’s time to head to the clinic. 

Walk-ins are always welcome at KidsStreet; however, please be aware that registering online reduces in-clinic wait times. Walk-ins are added to the same queue as those who register online.

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