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When Should Parents Take Advantage of Pediatric Urgent Cares?

by | Sep 1, 2022

As a parent, you want to make the best decision regarding your child’s health and well-being. There have been a lot of questions about where to take your child when they are under the weather. 

Depending on the circumstances, it’s clear when to take them to a pediatric provider vs. the emergency room. Sometimes there is some gray area because it is late at night, and you don’t want to wait in the emergency room for a high fever or twisted ankle, and you need to know where else to go.

We have all the answers right here to help ease any confusion regarding when to turn to a pediatric urgent care clinic. 

What are Pediatric Urgent Cares?

Pediatric urgent cares are urgent care clinics made explicitly with kids in mind. The goal is to treat children’s afflictions to help ease parents. You will see that the staff is pediatric-exclusive, and the experience is kid-friendly.

How are Urgent Cares Different from Other Healthcare Providers?

Urgent cares are different from other healthcare providers because of their ability to “urgently” treat you when you have a nonlife-threatening emergency. They are equipped for most critical situations, from common illnesses and allergic reactions to broken bones and treating laceration repairs. 

Many also have in-house x-rays and labs if needed. Furthermore, urgent pediatric cares are open for longer hours and 7 days a week and are also known to offer more affordable care compared to emergency rooms.

Note: If this is a life-threatening emergency, then please call 911.

Turn To KidsStreet!

Let KidsStreet be here to care for all of life’s little emergencies. Our pediatric urgent care locations are open seven days a week with extended hours. 

We offer online registration to reduce in-clinic wait times or walk-ins! Our urgent care providers are ready to tackle any pediatric emergency, from common illnesses to injuries and many other urgent care services

We want your kids to heal better, feel better, FAST!

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