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When To Take Your Child To An Urgent Care For A Fever

by | Sep 17, 2022

Fevers in kids often cause immediate concern among the entire family, especially if your child’s temperature is much higher than normal. Not to mention, when a fever is present, you have to keep your kids out of daycare, school, and extracurricular activities. 

Since COVID-19, when we hear the word “fever,” we sometimes go into a frenzy of quarantine time for the whole family. However, there are different reasons for your kid developing a fever, such as strep throat or the flu.

In this blog, we cover the basics of when to seek medical attention when your child develops a fever.

Note: If You have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

What Temperature is a Fever in Kids?

What is considered a fever depends on how the temperature is measured. When measured orally, a fever is anything over 100°F. Rectally, on the other hand, is anything over 100.4°F. When measured under the arm, above 99°F is considered a fever. 

Typically, medical attention is needed when your kid has a high-grade fever or if the fever persists over a few days: a high-grade fever is102.5°F or higher. For older kids and teenagers, we consider anything over 103°F to be a high-grade fever.

When Should I Take My Child To A Healthcare Provider?

When your child’s fever has not broken naturally, or with medication, it is important to get the temperature back to normal. If your child has symptoms of dehydration, stiff neck, vomiting, or other worsening symptoms, we recommend seeing a healthcare provider. For children under six months old, we recommend visiting a healthcare provider immediately for any fever.

If your child starts suffering from seizures, breathing issues, or loses consciousness, please seek emergency help immediately!

Turn To KidsStreet Urgent Care for Children

If your child has a fever that requires medical attention, turn to KidsStreet Urgent Care. 

Our pediatric providers are here to help for all of life’s little emergencies! 

Walk-ins are welcome, or you can register online to reduce in-clinic wait times! 

With often shorter wait times compared to the emergency room, we want to offer the most convenient care to get your child to heal and feel better, FAST!

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