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When is a Child’s Fever Too High?

by | Dec 28, 2023

Fever in kids can be scary for parents and children alike. Allow KidsStreet Urgent Care to educate you on when a kids fever is too high, as well as ways to bring a fever down. 

Understanding Fevers in Kids

According to KidsHealth, children will typically get a fever when they are fighting off some sort of infection. If your child has a fever you should closely monitor it to ensure it does not get too high. 

Low grade fevers- those that fluctuate between 100.4°F to 102°F- are typically not dangerous in kids that are older than 3 months old. For children younger than 3 months old a rectal temperature of 100.4° is dangerous. 

Any fever that is at or above 103°F is considered dangerous, and you should seek medical attention for your child immediately. 

Causes of Fevers in Children 

As previously mentioned, a child’s body temperature may rise when they are fighting off infection. However, children may also run a fever  if they are too hot or have received vaccinations recently. This is especially common for fever in newborns. 

Symptoms of Fevers

 A fever can come with its own set of symptoms that you should look out for. Your child may have a fever if: 

  • They are red or flushed
  • Their forehead feels warm
  • They are feeling lethargic or fatigued
  • They are experiencing chills or sweating 

If you see that your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to check their temperature. 

How Do I Diagnose A Fever? 

If you believe your child has a fever, you can quickly diagnose this by taking their temperature at home. The most common way of checking a kids temperature is by using a digital thermometer to take their oral temperature. 

Other ways to check your child’s temperature include: 

  • Rectal (most accurate and most common in infants)
  • Axillary (armpit) 
  • Temporal (using a special thermometer on the child’s forehead or temples) 
  • Tympanic (using a thermometer inside the child’s ear) 

If your child has a fever over 102°F, visit the emergency room or call 911 immediately. This is considered a dangerous temperature for kids. 

Treating A Child’s Fever

A high fever in kids can usually be treated by administering fever reducing medications, and you should make sure you give the safe dosage for kids. 

There are safe amounts of ibuprofen dosage for kids and tylenol dosage for kids depending on their weight and age. 

Additionally, there are other methods to helping your child feel better such as: 

  • Ensure they get plenty of rest
  • Administer fluids frequently to avoid dehydration
  • Have them wear lightweight clothing and avoid heavy blankets

Turn To KidsStreet Urgent Care

KidsStreet Urgent Care can help with childrens fever and more! To visit one of our kid-centric clinics, register online. You will be able to wait from your home or vehicle until we are ready to see you. 

Walk-ins are always welcome, however, please be aware that walk-ins may experience longer in-clinic wait times. All walk-in patients are added to the same queue as those who register online.

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